Menu Designing Tips

One of the first and only things that customers notice and enter a restaurant is for its food whose medium is menu. If your Food menu isn’t gripping and devouring enough to suddenly make customers feel appetizing then there is no aim to it. This is why here we are with some fun tips to help you with restaurant menu design and how to make it look pleasing:

  • Work with scanning patterns

There is psychology involved in everything so even if you are designing a basic menu you need to remember that its design should coordinate to the human eye scanning patterns. For the longest time, people have been believing that customers’ first focus goes on the sweet dish part which is why they design their menus this way, unfortunately this is no longer the truth because now customers read menus just like books, so you better start designing them in a sensible manner and pattern.

  • Categorize the dishes

This is something which you need to keep in mind that the easier the menu is to read and scan the quicker customers are going to be able to help categorize and place their orders. Make sure that you section your menu starting off from appetizers and ending on beverages so that the customers can easily and quickly find the dishes which they are looking for.

  • Avoid food photography

We ask you to do that because not in every case it is necessary that you put up photographs of food because that is the task of your customers. Let them do what they are best at and leave a place for imagination to dwell on. If you really want to add a little graphics to your menu then try our next tip…

  • Instead use illustration

Have you seen the menus where the food is illustrated through small animated graphics? That is probably one of the best ways to add an element of fun to your menu. Hire a professional graphic designer who can illustrate for your menu and make it look high end. Don’t settle for less because you are probably not going to be updating your menu for a long time, so it better be good enough to work with because later you won’t be able to add any more changes.

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